Summertime Lawncare

June 20, 2022
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Summer is in full effect! With the heat rising consistently into the 90s and 100s here’s a few tips to keep your lawn as clean and green as possible. If you follow these simple steps your lawn will go from the first picture to the second picture below.

Not Following Summertime Lawncare Best Practices

Following Summertime Lawncare Best Practices

Mowing Height in the Summer

It is recommended to set your mower height to 4″ for Bermuda grass in times of extreme heat (5″ for Fescue). This will help shade the root system, which will allow it to retain more moisture. Keeping your lawn taller in the summer will help prevent yellowing due to sun stress.

Watering Your Lawn in the Summer

It’s very important that your lawn receives at least 1″ of water per week during the summer. This translates to a watering cycle of 12-15 minutes per sprinkler section three times per week.

It’s also important to water during the correct times of day in order to ensure your lawn has maximum benefit. Don’t water between 11am and 6pm, this can actually cause sun spots that resemble heat stress or chemical burn. The ideal time to water is early morning, before 10am, if possible.


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