Organic Bio-Nutrient Soil Conditioner

May 3, 2023
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Improve Your Lawn’s Health with Soil Conditioner

Our Bio-nutrient soil conditioner is an excellent addition to your lawn’s transition to amazing.

This organic bio-nutrient product helps break down organic material and replenishes much-needed nutrients in the soil. It puts billions of advantageous bacteria into the soil. This improves turf health, increases root length, neutralizes soil salts, improves turf color, and makes turf better able to withstand various environmental and disease stresses such as wilt and summer stress.

Benefits of the Biostimulant & Soil Conditioner include:

  • Significantly reduces recovery time from grub and other damage
  • Increases greening and growth of your lawn
  • Breaks down thatch and replenishes those nutrients into the soil
  • Softens the top layer of soil to increase water and nutrient absorption to the root system
  • 100% organic with no risk of damage to your lawn

Soil Conditioner Used On Golf Course Greens

Ever wonder how in the world golf course greens always look so plush, green and beautiful? There’s a ton of care that goes into them but one of the many secrets that golf course turf managers use is soil conditioner on their greens. That’s one of the reasons the soil is so soft. Who doesn’t want golf course green turf in their front lawn? 🙂

What is the Organic Bio-Nutrient Soil Conditioner?

It is a full minor pack, with numerous beneficial bacteria (bacillus subtilis) that aid in plant health and disease resistance.  It also has humic acid and seaweed extract, which are bio-stimulants that are designed to increase soil efficiency and decrease plant stress. This will help to break down the thatch and turn it into a natural liquid supplement and restores air flow and improves water penetration and absorption. As well as making it easier for the bermuda to send and stick runners increasing thickness and spreading with ease. 

The first line of defense for your lawn against stickers and other grassy type weeds, is your lawn. Thicker turf naturally will deprive those pesky and difficult-to-control weeds from contacting the soil and achieving germination. 

Nitrogen fertilizer takes the nutrient that is stored in the soil and root system of your lawn and forces it to the top of the turf to increase photosynthesis. This product will help to restore those nutrients to continue feeding your lawn for years to come!

Being an all-natural supplement this can be done several times yearly and we’d be happy to discuss a treatment plan that works for you! The price per soil conditioner treatment would be the same price you are paying for the weed control treatments.

How to add soil conditioner to your treatment plan

Simply give us a call at (405) 733-8111 or text CONDITIONER to (405) 725-2223 to add this incredible benefit to your lawn program.


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