The Best Choice for Comprehensive Weed Control in OKC

A beautifully maintained lawn speaks volumes about a home and its occupants. It doesn't just create a great first impression, but it's also a matter of pride for homeowners. We understand this at Don's Lawn, so we're committed to offering the most comprehensive and effective weed control service in OKC.
Weed Control Services in OKC

Why is Weed Control in OKC So Crucial?

Aesthetic Appeal: Weeds can transform a lush green lawn into an eyesore. Keeping your lawn weed-free is crucial for aesthetic appeal and property value.

Lawn Health: Weeds compete with your lawn's grass for essential nutrients, sunlight, and water, often leading to stunted growth and an unhealthy appearance.

Pest Control: Weeds often serve as habitats for pests that can further damage your lawn or even make it into your home.

Property Value: Studies indicate that top-notch landscaping can boost a property's value by up to 12%. Therefore, investing in specialized weed control services from trusted professionals could yield a significant return on investment when you decide to put your home on the market.

Benefits of Choosing Our Weed Control Service in OKC

We're not your everyday lawn care service. We set ourselves apart through the following:


With over 46 years of experience, we know OKC weed control like the back of our hand.

Custom Plans

We recognize that each lawn is different. Therefore, we offer custom weed control in OKC tailored to your lawn needs.

Safe Methods

We prioritize your safety by strictly adhering to the best application practices and using products safe for your entire family, including the four-legged ones.

Competitive Pricing

The weed control cost in OKC is a concern for many. We ensure value for money with our competitive pricing and high-quality service.

Seasonal Timing

For optimal weed control in OKC, we use the right products at the right time, ensuring your lawn is the Cleanest and Greenest on the block.

Our Weed Control Packages

We offer four distinct packages to fit the unique needs and preferences of our customers in Oklahoma City:
Don's Lawn Club Premium (7x Weed Control with Fertilization in OKC)

Don’s Lawn Club Premium (7X Weed Control with Fertilization)

Our premium option offers comprehensive weed control with pre- and post-emergent herbicides and our unrivaled Cleanest & Greenest Guarantee. Plus, it includes fertilizer application throughout the growing season.
Don's Lawn Club Premium (7x Weed Control with Fertilization in OKC)

Don's Lawn Club Premium + Grubs (7x weed control + fertilizer + 2x grub control)

Maximize the health and beauty of your lawn with our Premium package, which combines our superior weed control techniques using both pre- and post-emergent herbicides and our Cleanest & Greenest Guarantee. Added to this is our vital grub control treatment, ensuring you combat these pesky invaders twice a year to maintain a lush, verdant landscape.
Don's Lawn Club Standard (4x Weed Control in OKC)

Don’s Lawn Club Standard (4X Weed Control)

Primary weed control with both pre and post-emergent herbicides. Please note this plan does not include a guarantee or free spot sprays.
Don's Lawn Club Premium (7x Weed Control with Fertilization in OKC)

Don's Lawn Club Standard + Grubs (4x weed control + 2x grub control)

Ensure your lawn stays pristine with our standard package providing essential weed control. With our grub control treatment carried out twice a year, this package promises a lawn free from the nuisance of weeds and the destruction caused by grubs.
These plans are designed to give you the weed-free lawn you desire without the hassle of trying to manage it all on your own. When you leave it to the professionals, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is in good hands.

The Types of Weeds We Handle

From broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clovers to grassy weeds like crabgrass, we handle a variety of common weeds in OKC. We use both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments to tackle weeds effectively.

Considering Weed Control OKC Cost

Although hiring professional weed control services is an investment, it's often worthwhile. The costs associated with our services are not just for product application; they represent a comprehensive solution that saves you time, effort, and long-term expenses. Rather than grappling with the complexities of weed control yourself—which includes the upfront cost of herbicides and the ongoing time investment—many find that the convenience and superior results of professional services offer more excellent value in the long run.

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How Long Does the Weed Control Service in OKC Take?

Proper weed control in OKC is a year-round commitment, not a one-time task. With our expertise, we combine pre-emergents, post-emergents, and fertilization strategies. Alongside appropriate watering and mowing, we ensure your lawn stands out as the Cleanest and Greenest in the neighborhood.

What Makes Us Stand Out for OKC Weed Control?

Here are 4 reasons why over 10,000 OKC area families have trusted their lawns with Don's:

Local & Family-Owned

Local & Family-Owned

Since Uncle Don started in 1977, we've been local and family-owned. Our great country was built on small, local, and family-owned businesses, and we take great pride in being one of those!
Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

For over 46 years, Don's Lawn has been transforming lawns into the Cleanest and Greenest on the block. With a combined experience of over 100 years in lawn care and weed control in OKC, you can rest assured that your lawn is in good hands.
Excellent Communication

Excellent Communication

No more wondering when (or if) your lawn guy will show up - you've got a Don's Lawn now! We send reminders the day before, text you when we're headed your way, and leave the invoice on your door. And if you forget to unlock your gate or put your dogs away, we even come back a second time for no additional charge!
No Weeds. No Contracts. Just Crazy Happy Customers

NO Weeds. NO Contracts. Just Crazy Happy Customers

Thick & plush grass. Low treatment price. No cancellation fee. And a downright great experience that makes you feel like family. We have a 4.8 rating on Google on over 2,000 reviews, making us the highest-rated weed control company in the OKC area by a wide margin.

Why Professional Weed Control is Crucial

Weeds are more than just unsightly invaders in your lawn; they represent a complex biological challenge that can be incredibly difficult to manage effectively. The challenges are compounded by local conditions like soil type and climate and broader issues such as herbicide-resistant weed strains. The stakes are high; weeds impact your lawn's aesthetic appeal and can serve as habitats for pests, compete with your lawn's grass for essential resources, and even reduce property value.

Given this complexity, professional weed control services like ours are essential for effective and sustainable weed management. Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of weed biology, local conditions, and state-of-the-art control methods. We provide a comprehensive solution beyond DIY treatments ' capabilities through a mix of herbicides, manual labor, and other innovative techniques. Consulting with professionals is more than just a convenience; it's a smart strategy for long-term lawn health and maintenance.

Get Started Today

Don't let weeds ruin your beautiful lawn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our comprehensive weed control services in OKC. Call us at Don's Lawn or get an online quote in 2 minutes!

Get Started Today

Don't let weeds ruin your beautiful lawn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our comprehensive weed control services in OKC. Call us at Don's Lawn or get an online quote in 2 minutes!

100% Backed By Our Cleanest & Greenest Guarantee

Hire our team of highly-skilled lawn care specialists and you’ll never worry about whether the job will be done right! We’re the highest-rated around because we’re passionate about our craft (check the 2,000+ 5-Star reviews from our Crazy Happy Customers). And if you can’t tell the Don’s Difference after a full year on our Don’s Lawn Club Premium program, we’ll give you the next year FREE!

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Our Crazy Happy Customers

We're the highest-rated around because we're incredibly passionate about our craft. As a matter of fact, our Crazy Happy Customers have given us a 4.8 rating on 2K+ reviews. That's unheard of! See for yourself why our raving fans have placed us head & shoulders above the competition.

Jeremy CorrJeremy Corr
15:06 13 Sep 23
Eric Vanorman is awesome! He answered all of questions. And was precise spraying my weeds!
Karen EddsKaren Edds
17:30 05 Sep 23
Tech JW, let me know when they were coming and are responsive if I have any questions. Good deal on their services
Rod PughRod Pugh
22:56 28 Aug 23
Don's Lawn is a very good lawn service. Steven Lebarre went above and beyond today. After respraying my grassy weeds, Steven helped resolve a dead tree issue I was having. He was instrumental in getting the problem resolved. Thanks for your service.
Gregory WagnerGregory Wagner
20:44 27 Aug 23
Awesome results
Brytnee ThomasBrytnee Thomas
17:19 25 Jul 23
Amazing in every way! I highly recommend!
Arlette WalkerArlette Walker
12:26 27 Jun 23
Alex always does a great job treating my lawn. My lawn looks great!
Angelique WilliamsAngelique Williams
17:27 23 Jun 23
The guys that sprayed my yard were very professional and explained everything they were doing perfectly! This is my first spray, but I am very confident that Don’s will get rid of the weeds and my yard will be green! I’m excited to watch the transformation! Not only did the guys do a great job, the... back end of the business on the administrative side is amazing as well! The communication and response time is on point! Don’s Lawn truly values their customers and it shows! I’m a fan! :)Will add photos of the improvements at a later date!read more
bj carruthersbj carruthers
23:32 03 Jun 23
Devin, our tech was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Our neighbors have been complimenting our lawn. Thought we would share a few... a "true-Blue" Don's Lawn!!!
john mckeownjohn mckeown
15:35 18 May 23
Don's weed control is simply the best.I have been more than satisfied for years. They keep you aware of what you need and do not overcharge. Please give Don's a call.
Darrin DeeDarrin Dee
16:53 19 Feb 23
I just recently switched over to Don’s Lawn for my weed controls services. They have been very quick and responsive to all inquiries I’ve had. The follow ups are also extraordinary. You can tell they actually care and take pride in their brand which is hard to find these days. Eric, who was my lawn... technician, did an amazing job with the application! The overspray is minimal. More or less non-existent! Truly artistic work that makes me feel better knowing that I can see every square inch of the yard coated in treatment My yard is a blue and ready to look new!Thank you Don’s Lawn, and again thank you Eric!!read more