Do I Have Grub Worms?

May 26, 2022
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Signs of Grub Damage

If your lawn is under attack by grubs, you will see your grass turning thin and brown. Early grub damage looks like this:

If the grub worms aren’t addressed early (we’ll explain how below), the damage will progress as they amp up their feeding this time of year. Eventually, the yard develops large brown patches that can spread across the entire lawn if the grub infestation is left unchecked:

June Bugs

Another sign of grub worms is the presence of June bugs. Yes, that’s what these pesky little worms become. So if you’re seeing these around your home, chances are high that you have grub worms too:

Grub Mounds

Aside from the damage to the lawn and the presence of June bugs, one other telltale sign of the presence of grubs is grub mounds. These small, course mounds of dirt are made from the grub worms burrowing. They can be easily mistaken for ant mounds with one clear difference. The grub mound will be coarse, with fairly large clumps of soil. While ant mounds contain much finer soil particles, almost like sawdust.

Below are pictures of a grub mound and ant mound so you can see the difference.

Effective Grub Control Requires Two Treatments Per Year

Effective grub control in Oklahoma requires treatment 2 times per year. In the almost 50 years of doing this, we’ve found that we get the best results by targeting grubs during the two times of year that they are most active. Our first grub treatment is generally 4/15-6/15 and our second treatment is 8/1-10/15. 

The below picture shows the lifecycle and activity of grubs during the calendar year. In order for the treatment to be most effective, it must be applied when the grubs are less than 3″ below the surface. The exact dates fluctuate based on weather but in general, it’s spring then again in late summer. If we do not apply the pesticide during these two critical times of year it can leave your lawn vulnerable to attack.

How Do I Get Rid of Grub Worms?

This one’s easy – call us, email, or text the word GRUBS to 405-725-2223. We’ll give you a quote for our 2x per year grub program. If you have grubs, the first treatment is generally done between April and June and the second treatment would be between August and October (we’ll send you a reminder the day before each treatment). 

What If I Don’t Know Whether I Have Grubs?

Fortunately, you have a Don’s Lawn. Just call, text or email us a pic or two. We’ll let you know what we see and provide a quote, if necessary. You could also fill out the form below.

Remember, those grubs won’t stop destroying your beautiful lawn until it looks like those pictures above. But our team is on standby, ready to rid you of those destructive lawn-killers!


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