Don’s Lawn Soars to Top 10 Overall in Lawn & Landscape’s Best Places to Work

July 2, 2024
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Don’s Lawn recently reached a significant milestone! While maintaining our 6th position among small businesses, we climbed from 13th to 8th overall in Lawn & Landscape’s Best Places to Work rankings. This impressive leap places us among the top tier across small, medium, and large enterprises, highlighting our unwavering dedication to fostering an exceptional work environment in our industry.

Cultivating a Thriving Team Environment

At Don’s Lawn, we believe that a Crazy Happy team is the cornerstone of our success, leading to the extraordinary service our “Crazy Happy Customers” have come to expect. This prestigious recognition from Lawn & Landscape highlights the quality of our lawn care and the vibrant, dynamic workplace that nurtures and values every team member.

A Commitment to Team Growth and Satisfaction

Our advancement in the rankings reflects our ongoing efforts to invest in our team’s growth and happiness. We understand that our success is rooted in a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. Every effort to create a nurturing work environment directly enhances our customers’ experiences, setting us apart in the industry.

Honoring Our Team: The Core of Don’s Lawn

The true heartbeat of Don’s Lawn is our dedicated team. Their passion, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind our success. We have always been proud of our team’s efforts and will never tire of saying our core strength lies in their dedication. This accolade is a collective achievement that reflects each team member’s tireless efforts and unmatched dedication. From the break of dawn to the setting sun, our team’s contributions paint the legacy of Don’s Lawn.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Loyal Customers

For over forty years, our customers have entrusted us with their lawns, homes, and dreams. Every lawn we’ve manicured and every garden we’ve nurtured is a testament to the deep-rooted relationships we’ve cultivated. This recognition is as much a celebration of our customers as it is of our team. Thank you for your trust and for making Don’s Lawn a part of your lives.

Continuing Our Legacy of Excellence

While accolades shine bright, our true guiding principle remains our commitment to unparalleled service. Since our founding in 1977, our promise to provide top-notch lawn care has grown stronger. As we continue, our resolve deepens to consistently deliver the exceptional standard of service that defines Don’s Lawn.

As we celebrate this achievement, our vision for the future is clear. We will never tire of celebrating these milestones year after year, with gratitude for every team member and customer who has been part of our journey.

Here’s to the next chapter of excellence, dedication, and Crazy Happy Customers!


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