Signs of Armyworms

July 14, 2023
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Armyworms are the larvae of the Fall Armyworm moth. These moths migrate to Oklahoma from the gulf coast every year. Some years their presence is barely noticed. Other years, the armyworms destroy countless beautiful lawns all over the state.

While the adult moth is not a threat to your lawn, the larvae can very quickly kill your healthy turf. Below is what the armyworm looks like. They are generally 1.5-2″ long and have biting mouth parts that they use to eat healthy grass. 

The best way to know if you have armyworms is to look in any areas of your lawn that are yellow or look unhealthy. You will see the armyworms crawling and munching on the grass blades. When you see these little guys, you must ask fast!

If the armyworms aren’t addressed very quickly (we’ll explain how below), the damage will progress as they amp up their feeding. In a matter of days a beautiful healthy lawn like the one below can become a desolate wasteland.

Because armyworms feed on the leaves, bermuda grass can usually bounce back from the damage with proper watering. However, fescue grass isn’t as resilient as bermuda and often does not recover from armyworm damage.

How Do I Get Rid of Armyworms?

Luckily, armyworms are easy to kill in just one treatment when done right. The price for an armyworm treatment is equal to your regular weed control so you just need to let us know you have them. Call us, email, or text the word ARMYWORMS to 405-725-2223. 

What If I Don’t Know Whether I Have Armyworms?

Fortunately, you have a Don’s Lawn. Just call, text or email us a pic or two. You can text us pics at 405-733-8111 or email us at We’ll let you know what we see and get you setup for treatment, if necessary. 

Remember, those armyworms won’t stop destroying your beautiful lawn until it looks like that picture above. But our team is on standby, ready to rid you of those destructive lawn-killers!


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