Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you so much for your support and loyalty through another challenging year! We endured a bitter cold and wet start, then a near-record period of heat during the summer, followed by a record-setting drought. The conditions were as brutal as we’ve seen in our 45-year history.

But in every obstacle lies opportunity! We decided to use these challenges to improve your service in the following ways:

Lawn Audit Initiative

We implemented a random lawn auditing initiative to make certain that our programs are continuing to perform to our incredibly high standards. We now regularly grade our lawns on overall weed kill, even greenness, clean driveway & sidewalk cracks, flowerbed & landscaping edging, and coverage around homes & AC units. We have the most experienced and hardest-working technicians in the industry, and these audits help ensure their continued attention to detail.

Organic Biostimulant & Turf Conditioner

Each of your Grub treatments will include an organic bionutrient product that helps break down organic material and replenishes much-needed nutrients in the soil. It puts billions of advantageous bacteria into the soil. This improves turf health, increases root length, neutralizes soil salts, improves turf color, and makes turf better able to withstand various environmental and disease stresses such as wilt and summer stress.

This biostimulant and turf conditioner is applied with a wet spray immediately after we use the grub control granules. The amount of water we use to apply the biostimulant & turf conditioner is enough to activate the grub control which means that you no longer need to water in the grub treatment!

Benefits of the Biostimulant & Turf Conditioner include:

  • Significantly reduces recovery time from grub damage
  • Increases greening and growth of your lawn
  • Breaks down thatch and replenishes those nutrients into the soil
  • Softens the top layer of soil to increase water and nutrient absorption to the root system
  • 100% organic with no risk of damage to your lawn
  • You don’t need to water in the treatment!

Applying the Biostimulant & Turf Conditioner after applying the granule Grub Control means we’ll be on your lawn about 2x as long as before. However, we feel so strongly that this Biosimulant & Turf Conditioner will dramatically improve your lawn that we will be covering the majority of the extra cost of product and labor.

We’ve absorbed the majority of these costs, but on January 1st your Grub Control program will increase by less than 10%. However, we do offer a 5% prepay discount. If you’d like to take advantage of the discount and prepay for the whole year, please call the office at (405) 733-8111 or text “Prepay” to (405) 725-2223, along with a good time to call you.

You can figure your new price by multiplying your current price by 1.1 and then rounding down to the nearest dollar. For example, if your price this year was $99, your new price would be $108 ($99 x 1.1 = $108.90, rounded down to $108). This small jump will allow us to continue bringing your family the Cleanest & Greenest lawn.

Please feel free to contact us at support@DonsLawnOKC.com if you have any questions or want to confirm your new price. You can also call 405-336-3368

Thanks again for being a part of the Don’s Lawn Family! 


The Don’s Lawn Family


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Our Crazy Happy Customers

We're the highest-rated around because we're incredibly passionate about our craft. As a matter of fact, our Crazy Happy Customers have given us a 4.8 rating on 2K+ reviews. That's unheard of! See for yourself why our raving fans have placed us head & shoulders above the competition.

Jeremy CorrJeremy Corr
15:06 13 Sep 23
Eric Vanorman is awesome! He answered all of questions. And was precise spraying my weeds!
Karen EddsKaren Edds
17:30 05 Sep 23
Tech JW, let me know when they were coming and are responsive if I have any questions. Good deal on their services
Rod PughRod Pugh
22:56 28 Aug 23
Don's Lawn is a very good lawn service. Steven Lebarre went above and beyond today. After respraying my grassy weeds, Steven helped resolve a dead tree issue I was having. He was instrumental in getting the problem resolved. Thanks for your service.
Gregory WagnerGregory Wagner
20:44 27 Aug 23
Awesome results
Brytnee ThomasBrytnee Thomas
17:19 25 Jul 23
Amazing in every way! I highly recommend!
Arlette WalkerArlette Walker
12:26 27 Jun 23
Alex always does a great job treating my lawn. My lawn looks great!
Angelique WilliamsAngelique Williams
17:27 23 Jun 23
The guys that sprayed my yard were very professional and explained everything they were doing perfectly! This is my first spray, but I am very confident that Don’s will get rid of the weeds and my yard will be green! I’m excited to watch the transformation! Not only did the guys do a great job, the... back end of the business on the administrative side is amazing as well! The communication and response time is on point! Don’s Lawn truly values their customers and it shows! I’m a fan! :)Will add photos of the improvements at a later date!read more
bj carruthersbj carruthers
23:32 03 Jun 23
Devin, our tech was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Our neighbors have been complimenting our lawn. Thought we would share a few... a "true-Blue" Don's Lawn!!!
john mckeownjohn mckeown
15:35 18 May 23
Don's weed control is simply the best.I have been more than satisfied for years. They keep you aware of what you need and do not overcharge. Please give Don's a call.
Darrin DeeDarrin Dee
16:53 19 Feb 23
I just recently switched over to Don’s Lawn for my weed controls services. They have been very quick and responsive to all inquiries I’ve had. The follow ups are also extraordinary. You can tell they actually care and take pride in their brand which is hard to find these days. Eric, who was my lawn... technician, did an amazing job with the application! The overspray is minimal. More or less non-existent! Truly artistic work that makes me feel better knowing that I can see every square inch of the yard coated in treatment My yard is a blue and ready to look new!Thank you Don’s Lawn, and again thank you Eric!!read more